Friday Catch Up, 2007, age 2

Since about age 2 (I guess when they started talking) we’ve been writing down some of J and A’s  funnier sayings into a book (yes, an actual book.  Soooooo 20th century).  In order to play a little catch up in this blog, I thought I’d provide a sample, by year (with a couple of pictures thrown in for good measure).

J always wants to go to the “cat, dog, fish store” aka Petco

Spent their 2nd birthday at Disney World!


Of course, it’s not a vacation until somebody gets hurt, so J obliged by breaking his leg on a slide in MGM Studios.

J_BrokenLegSeriously, he broke his leg AT DISNEY WORLD!

A likes to say “buffaluffaluffaluffalo” instead of buffalo.

A_Easter_07A is already fond of fancy Easter dresses

When A tries to order J around, we remind her that we are the parents.  Her response?  “No, me parent.”  Great.  I can just imagine what we’re in for in the years to come

Summer07Nice shades, A.  J hasn’t quite figured out the concept.

While talking to K on the phone one afternoon, A asked “Mommy home?” to which K replied “No, mommy’s still at work.”  After thinking about it for a second, A responded “No, mommy golf.”  The jig is up.

StylinThe girl has style.

J is fond of exclaiming “Yeeee hawwww!” complete with a swing of his arm.

For Halloween, since A has red hair, we went with Pebbles and Bam-Bam.


Right before their 3rd b-day, A states “J is my brother.  He is my best friend.”

We’ll end on that one.

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One Comment on “Friday Catch Up, 2007, age 2”

  1. […] if you remember the incident at Disney world four years ago, you’ll understand why I say “Yea, no broken legs!” after every time he comes […]

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