Farm Camp

Since Nana is out of town, and we’re already going to be off on Friday, the 3rd of July, K and I both decided to take off the rest of this week.  We enrolled the kids in a morning day camp at a County facility that maintains a working farm atmosphere.

Now, our kids could be considered homebodies (I guess their parents could too).  They are still fairly reserved in new situations.  We figured a “parent independent” (aka “drop them and run”) 3 hour camp would be good for them (and didn’t you just love it when you heard that as a kid?  Phrases like “good for you” … “a learning experience” … “builds character” strike fear into the hearts of children around the world.)

In light of this, we’ve been prepping them for this for a week or so.  We talked about the camp,visited the camp, talked about the camp, got special snacks for the camp, talked about the camp … and still we expected bedlam when we dropped them off.

So, the big day comes this morning.  We introduce them to their “camp counselors” (who I’m positive are young enough to have been attending this camp last year.  Maybe that’s how they do it … come to camp one year, lead it the next.)  Once the kids are sufficiently distracted, we slink away, hoping not to make eye contact as we leave.

Foolishly, we turn back for one more look.

Bye Mommy! says A, who then returns to her craft.  J doesn’t even bother to look up.

FarmCampWhose kids are these?

Obviously, some alien species stopped at our house in the middle of the night and replaced our children.

AreTheseOurKidsK’s response to the brush off.

Tomorrow, I’m hoping the aliens will replace our kids with ones who eat vegetables.

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2 Comments on “Farm Camp”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Oh, the horror!!! Next thing you know, they’ll be jumping out of the car before it’s even in park at the drop-off line at school.

    And K’s face? Priceless.

  2. Robin Says:

    I am a friend of CPQ. I love the photos. My oldest left me at the door of preschool as a 2 yo with a wave and “bye mom”. The other kiddos were appropriately clinging and crying. I made it to the car before I cried. LOL

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