The other side of “Farm Camp”

So, you may be wondering “Since your kids were in Farm Camp each morning for 4 days, and you and K were off work during that time, what did you do with those 12 free hours?”

Clean the house?

Read works of great literature?

Volunteer at an animal shelter?

Build a relativistic heavy ion collider in order to produce a sufficient quantity of antimatter to complete my plan for world domination?

Uh, that would be none of the above.  But I am thinking about starting that last one.

Here’s a small summary of what we did with our weekday mornings, presented through the use of corporate logos*, in chronological order:

mcdonalds-logo (Custom)Vacation has to start with
breakfast biscuits and hash browns.

Target-Logo (Custom)Our second home.

home_depot_logo (Custom)I need to return to the mother ship every now and then

burger-king-logo (Custom)The fries just aren’t as good as

EinsteinBros (Custom)K says their chai was good
(she’s the connoisseur)

bestbuy-logo (Custom)

K actually insisted we stop here.  Really.

barnesnoble_logo (Custom)As I alluded to earlier, no great literature was purchased.
Just more tomes from the  The Great Leader, aka Martha Stewart

240px-Shoppers_logoIf you can’t get Krispy Kremes,
the hubcap-sized donuts from here will suffice.
And they are the only known location of the elusive
chocolate-iced, raspberry-filled variety.

starbucks-logo (Custom)Again with the chai requirement

potterybarnAre there any American shopping centers
that don’t have one of these?

talbots (WinCE)K tried on a lot, but no keepers


Usually a favorite, but not much there this time.

nine_west_logoI tried to talk K into a pair of 4″ heeled,
platform sandals, but no dice.

WilliamsSonomaI’d spend all day here.  K, not so much

five_guys_logo_checkersThey should call this “Five Pounds” since
that’s how much weight you gain

PaneraLogoThe Chai-fecta

22518_LT_LOGO_big_lg (Custom)I included these together as as study in contrasts

event_logo_att_national (Custom)No, not playing in it,
just watching Tiger Woods in person

Let’s just say that by the end of this week, we’ll be broke, sunburnt, and will need to hire  a personal trainer.

* All logos and trademarks are property of their respective owners.  No endorsement impled.  Void where prohibited.  Your mileage may vary.  Side effects may include dizziness, nausea, and itchy scalp.
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One Comment on “The other side of “Farm Camp””

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Now I want chai. Do you see how much time you could have had at the mother ship if I lived there? I would have done the heavy lifting (and drinking) for you.

    And amen on BK fries. It’s the only fasty place where I actually order the side salad bc the fries are so bad.

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