Friday Catch Up, 2008, age 3

Looking back at 2008, here are some highlights from J and A’s memory books, plus some random pics :

After climbing to the top of the tallest item at our local mall play-pit, A looks over with a grin and says “Mommy, are ya nervous?”  That would be yes.

NapGotta love Sunday afternoon naps

After A threw up in the back of Nana’s car one morning, J exclaimed “Look!  Honey Bunches and cinnamon toast!”  Uh, this is not a second chance at breakfast, big fella.

ReadingMaterialEverybody needs good reading material

On Mother’s Day 08, K goes in to wake up the kids.  Precious little angel A looks up at her from bed and says “Mommy, a present    …      for you    …     from my nose.”

CPQBoysLook, we’re at the CPQ homestead.  There is (obviously) eating involved

J counts the number of tiny Play-Dough pieces he created – 113.  K’s not so sure she can count that high.

JAKJ, A, and K

While waiting at the airport for Nana to come back from a trip, A is playing with K’s Blackberry.  She holds it up to her ear, then looks down at it and proclaims “Mommy, I don’t have a signal.”  I’m convinced kids come out of the womb with cell phones nowadays.

DinoTuckinJ tucking in one of his (many) dinosaurs

J & A started preschool in the fall of 08.  I’m not sure who was the most nervous.

Preschool1This is now known as the “School Picture Rock”


I think K won the most nervous award

J is a puzzle man.  When visiting Toy R Us for only the second time ever, he wove his way through the store, found the puzzle section, pointed with both hands and exclaimed “TAH-DAAAAAAAH!”

Pony1Pony2First pony rides.  And, no, you cannot have one.

While K was using a public bathroom stall (with A in tow), A asked “Want to share, sit on your lap?”  Thanks for the love, honey, but … uh … no.

PowerToolsI love a ballerina who isn’t afraid of power tools

Right after bedtime prayers, A looks up at K and says “Mommy, do you love God?”

Yes, honey, yes I do.


The whole ImNotNed gang

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2 Comments on “Friday Catch Up, 2008, age 3”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    And yes, we love all of you! Now I’m missing my notned gang….

    Happy 4th.

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