July 4th roundup

A quick look at July 4th with the imnotned gang.

IMGP5428 (Custom)Saturday AM brought a quick trip to Burke Lake Park
(trying to take advantage of our forced extortion tax dollars)

IMGP5448 (Custom)A quick trip on a train through the woods

IMGP5435 (Custom)“Casey Jr’s comin’ down the track…”
(we’ve watched Dumbo waaaay too many times)

IMGP5434 (Custom)We’re going so fast, there’s no time to use the flash.

IMGP5440 (Custom)After a rough day of ridin’ the rails, ice cream is in order.

IMGP5441 (Custom)J sees ant …

IMGP5442 (Custom)J squishes ant with spoon …

IMGP5443 (Custom)K cleans spoon on napkin.

IMGP5447 (Custom)It’s amazing A got any in her mouth.

IMGP5452 (Custom)This is how J eats a donut (only the sprinkles on top).  We think he’s adopted.
And yes, we got donuts on the way home from eating ice cream.
It’s called vacation.

IMGP5458 (Custom)This is what J left behind …

IMGP5455 (Custom)… which, of course, A finished off.
That’s my girl

IMGP5414 (Custom)After all that sugar, K takes a breather on the porch.

IMGP5449 (Custom)A works on her one eyebrow raise

IMGP5451 (Custom)J’s got this relaxation thing down

IMGP5461 (Custom)Official fireworks-watching outfits
Loud noises … not so much.

100_5106 (Custom)End of the day marshmellow roasting
Ok, so it’s over a propane firepit.  On our porch.
That’s how we rough it.

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One Comment on “July 4th roundup”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    That looks delightful – especially the sacking out on the back porch to process the refined carbohydrates. And I can’t believe how old the kids look. Loosing the “baby” face.


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