The Family Truckster

I drive the family car.

Going into this part-time stay at home dad gig, I knew my car would be the “family car.”  While I’ll be the first to admit that minivans are perfect for hauling kids, vacation stuff, etc., I refuse to drive one everyday.

I’m reminded of the commercial where a guy is working out in the gym, only to be interrupted by an announcement “To the owner of the tan minivan, your lights are on.”  He looks around sheepishly, not owning up to it being his minivan.


As an aside, I saw this video the other day.  It pretty well sums up the differences in marketing to men and women (excuse some of the wacky British-isms)

But I digress


So, I knew I needed a manly-man car that could carry two cars seats, three adults, and all the various large plastic accoutrement associated with twin infants. And did I mention it needed to be manly?


Aside #2:  Have you every noticed that the size and number of items required to sustain a child is inversely proportional to said child’s age?  Loading for a quick overnight trip turns into a giant game of Tetris, trying to find the one way all the stuff will fit in the vehicle.


Given that criteria, I ended up with this:

avalanche1Notice the large rocks and rugged stance?  That’s because it’s manly!
Nevermind that you’ll never really take it offroad.

Fits the bill pretty well.

– Holds two identical cars seats?  Check.
– Carries three adults while carrying two car seats? Check.
– Storage space for multicolored plastic “necessities”? Check.
– Manly?  Makes me feel like holding a remote and scratching myself.

    And we’ve actually used its offroad capability several times (most notably for getting down our 600 foot long driveway after 2 feet of snow.)

    Of course over the years, it’s become a little less manly, due to:

    – A dual video system that, while electronic and therefore manly on the surface,  seems to show only Word World and Between the Lions
    – A large collection of Polly Pocket shoes strewn across the backseat
    – A Mickey Mouse antenna topper
    – One of those “OBX” style white oval stickers, except that this one has the initials of the kids’ preschool on it
    – The ever-lingering smell of a forgotten, rancid sippy cup

      Now you may ask, what does K drive?

      KCarAnd it’s a 6-speed manual transmission.

      I drive the family car.

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      One Comment on “The Family Truckster”

      1. carpoolqueen Says:

        But you’re already brilliant, so what’s a little stale milk? Just dump a quart of motor oil in the back seat – it’ll mask the eau de spoilt milk and add a little testosterone to the mix.

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