Friday Catch Up, 2009, age 4 (so far)

OK, this should bring us up to through the first half of 2009:

Once again, we spent the kids’ birthday at Disney World.  I think it’s becoming an “even-numbered” birthday tradition. 

But this time with 100% fewer broken bones.

CindyA would have followed Cinderella anywhere

100_1726a (Custom)RockNRollercoaster is one of the
few thrill rides I can get K on

100_1726b (Custom)I think she liked it

100_1657 (Custom)J returns to the scene of the crime
(this is the slide that broke his leg 2 years ago)

100_2037 (Custom)Everybody loves the Nemo show

100_2114 (Custom)Assume the parade-watching position.
Hopefully we won’t have to do this when they’re 14.

AKCurse you Disney PhotoPass! ! You compel me to purchase overpriced photos!!

Had our first Parent/Teacher conference.  It’s only preschool.  Why do we get so defensive about the fact that they’re not conjugating Latin yet?

JStocksWho doesn’t get this picture taken in Williamsburg?
Of course, J does a great “beaten down” look.

While playing with chalk out on the new driveway, Ally had to go to the bathroom.  She asked if we would “pause” the fun while she went.  Note to self: we may need to reduce kids’ access to Tivo.

Driveway1First drip down the newly-paved driveway

Driveway2And, 30 seconds later, the first scraped knee

Filterless Child Embarrassing Story #456 – While walking into a public restroom, K and A are stopped by a fairly, shall we say, “eccentric” older woman, who bends over and talks right into A’s face.  After the conversation, K and A go into one stall and the women goes into the next stall.  In full voice, exclaims “Silly old woman!”  K finishes in record time and beats a hasty retreat.

NapNothin’ better than a nap on the porch

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One Comment on “Friday Catch Up, 2009, age 4 (so far)”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    My first look at the new driveway – We’ll have to bring bikes next time. And tell K that she looks like the Cinderella in the first pic, except not creepy.

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