Divide and Conquer

Since J and A have spent approximately 99.9% of their lives together so far, we’re trying to do more things with them individually.  To wit, K has been taking A to ballet classes on Saturday mornings, while J and I have been hanging out together and doing guy things. Here are some shots from this past weekend.

101_2510 (Custom)A wasn’t so sure about this ballet thing at first

101_2513 (Custom)But she sure looked cute doing it

101_2515 (Custom)There were stickers involved, so she got a little more bold.

101_2517 (Custom)Five Guys is perfect for the lithe ballerina (oh, and her lithe mommy)
(Whew, good save there.

How did J and I spend our time together?  Two words:

Power.    Tools.

IMGP5503 (Custom)An angle grinder can be manly
(although we have to deduct points for the Elmo shirt)

IMGP5504 (Custom)Oohh.  Impact drill.  Good choice.
And a manly name.
It’s hard to say IMPACT and DRILL without growing hair on your chest.

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