Bread, milk, toilet paper

As I’ve mentioned, K’s mom (aka Nana) is a huge part of our household.  She originally came to live with us when K was on bedrest (for 101 days – a story for another time).  After the twins were born, she agreed to move in permanently to “help out.”  Turns out, “helping out” really means keeping K and me from going completely insane, resulting in the sale of one or both of the children.

(As an aside, did I mention that, several years ago, K’s father lived with us for 9 months?  That’s right, I’ve lived with both of my in-laws.  There’s a special place in heaven for me.)

Now I love Nana.  Therefore, I must incessantly kid around with her.


v. kid, kid·ded, kid·ding, kid·ding around Informal 1. To mock playfully; tease.

Yes, I know, big surprise that kid around with somebody.  Hey, it’s a gift.


One thing I love to kid her about is her insatiable need to keep the pantry sufficiently stocked at all times.  Because, you know, you could have to make a 7 course meal for 12 people at a moment’s notice.  Or it could snow tomorrow and we may not be able to get out for 2-3 … hours.

100_5156 (Custom)

We may have 14 cans of beans in the pantry, but if only one is used, it is almost immediately replaced (usually within 24 hours):

100_5154 (Custom)

And one never knows when that midnight craving for 64 servings of Jello might strike:

100_5124 (Custom)

Being a carbo-loving family, breakfast cereals are big around here.  Once Nana finds out that one of us likes a particular type of cereal, there are almost always two boxes of that cereal in the house at all times.

You know, one to eat, and one as a backup in case we eat an entire box of cereal in one sitting.

To wit:

100_5123 (Custom)

Yes, those are 11 boxes (and 4 bags).

For a total of 282.5 ounces of cereal.

Which is lucky, since I heard it may snow tomorrow.

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2 Comments on “Bread, milk, toilet paper”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Can I borrow Nana? I haven’t been to the grocery store for a real buying spree in weeks. Mainly because the chilluns have been home and you KNOW what it’s like shopping with them around.

    We’d have 282.5 ounces of fruit snacks in the cart.

    And in case your spot in heaven isn’t secured by Jesus and the in-laws, just the fact that you’re on the other end of the helpline for Craig is reason enough.

  2. IamNana Says:

    Just wait ’til we’re surprised by a busload of people, during a blizzard.

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