Red 5, we’re goin’ in

Headed to the kids’ first dentist appointment this AM.

Please pray for our sanity.

And on this austere occasion, I’d like to include my favorite musical-made-into-a-movie-dentist-related clip (especially for my friend CPQ):

I’ll try to update this post after the appointment…


OK, we survived.  Sort of.  First off, all I have to say is … how could you not want to go to the dentist with a waiting room like this?

IMGP5538 (Custom)

IMGP5536 (Custom)

All they needed was a La-Z-Boy, and
I would go to the dentist here.

IMGP5537 (Custom)Yes, that’s an animatronic dinosaur

IMGP5539 (Custom)Pre-appointment captivation

Of course, eventually, we had to go back for the actual appointment.  J wasn’t thrilled, but he let the technician clean, floss, xray, etc.

IMGP5541 (Custom)The TV on the ceiling didn’t hurt.

How did A do, you ask?  Well, she wanted nothing to do with the whole affair.  Didn’t let anybody do anything.   Sigh.

And just think, we get to do the whole thing again in 6 months.

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One Comment on “Red 5, we’re goin’ in”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    REALLY? A didn’t let them touch her??? Send her to Aunt Susan’s. My dentist does drugs. Yeah, I’ll raise her right.

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