Random randomness

The central reason for this blog is to record a lot of the small things in the kids’ lives that would otherwise be forgotten over time.  Like these:

It was just me and the boy again this Saturday AM, with K having A at ballet class.  Spent some time at a playground, where J spent most of the time “saving ” a little girl from a monster.

IMGP5542 (Custom)He has inherited my sweaty head

It was then over to Costco to pick up a 64 pack of paper towels (and to eat lunch one sample at a time).

IMGP5544 (Custom)The couch potato force is strong in this one.

We then headed to church to meet K and A, since K had to arrange flowers for the Sunday services.   Some of the bizzare things we saw along the way:

donkeys (Custom)This is the back of a hotel shuttle.
If you are a major hotel chain, do you really
want to infer that your clients are donkeys?

car (Custom)Is anybody even driving this car?

IMGP5552 (Custom)K is creating another Martha Stewart acolyte

IMGP5549 (Custom)This is part of the church flower closet.
When we were young, my brother and I used to
explore this room while our parents were in
choir in the room next door.  You can tell
this room hasn’t changed much since then
(notice the peace sign)

IMGP5555 (Custom)IMGP5558 (Custom)A and J have their sights on our Music Minister’s job.

IMGP5560 (Custom)A says the flowers are for Nana.

Saturday evening was babysitting co-op.  We rotate with two other couples once a month.  They each have one child about J and A’s age and one child under 2.  So when we get together, it’s organized chaos at best.

100_5133 (Custom)I think A is a little sweet on one of the boys.

100_5135 (Custom)That’s much better.
J, your #1 priority as big brother is learning
how to get between A and other boys

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