What’s that sound?

So, we’re finishing up dinner last night.  A asked to be excused.  Minutes later, we hear a muffled rustling sound, somewhat like a gentle rain or wind-blown leaves …

“A?  Where are you?”

No response.

“Honey, where, are you?  Are you OK?”

A muffled whimper comes from the pantry.  Now, I’ve already become very adept at interpreting the difference between the “I’m hurt” whimper and the “I’m surprised/embarrassed/caught-doing-something-I shouldn’t-be-doing” whimper

This would be the latter.

100_5182 (Custom)In case you’re wondering, she wanted to
wear her Christmas “party dress” all day

You see, A has discovered the nutrient-deficient food shelf in that pantry, AKA the baking shelf.  Seems she is partial to the dried cotton candy cupcake toppings.

100_5184 (Custom)Who, me?

And let me tell you.  You’ve never had cupcakes until they’re covered in cerulean and fuchsia hued globs of dried sucrose

100_5185 (Custom)Scene of the crime

At least this was a teachable moment:

100_5186 (Custom)

  1. If you make a mess, you’ll probably have to clean it up
  2. Blue ear protectors are the must have accessory for summer
  3. If you’re trying to sneak a snack, go for the squeeze-tube of icing.  It’s quieter.
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2 Comments on “What’s that sound?”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Look at you taking pictures of spilled cupcake sprinkles on the floor! You’re a born and bred blogger, you are.

    And the earphones?


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