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The other shoe

August 31, 2009

Well, J is feeling much better after his run-in with walking pneumonia.  However, A is now sick.  And while J’s illnesses tend toward the respiratory side of things, A is affectionately know as “our little puker.”

And she lived up to her nickname Sunday evening.

As K was holding her.

Let’s just say that K had two showers last night.

100_5352 (Custom)Feeling less than perky


Who? Us?

August 28, 2009

A was excited because Nana had purchased some doughnut holes.  After her evening bath, she came running downstairs, excited at the prospect of a doughnut hole or two for snack.  She grabbed the box and started running into the family room … and stopped short.

“Hey!  What happened to these?” she asked, holding a nearly empty box.

Playing coy, K said “I don’t know honey.  What do you think happened to them?”

A then proceeded to point back and forth between K and me.

The jig is up.

A gets my vote for first one to figure out the Santa thing.

I feel your pain

August 27, 2009

As part of my birthday present, K tried to help me break out of one of my boxes by giving me a pair of jeans not made by Levi Strauss.  One by-product of this purchase was to make me more aware of a scheme that has been perpetuated on women for quite some time.

The moving target that is clothing size.

Now, I don’t mean expanding waistlines.  I talking about the fact that womens’ clothing sizes don’t seem to be standard, and are slowing mutating over time.

You see, in theory, men’s clothing, especially pants, are very objectively sized.  Waist size and inseam.  In inches.  End of story.

Women’s clothing, though, have always been less objective.  As a man who isn’t afraid to purchase clothing for his wife, I learned this long ago.  A 6 at this store is an 8 at this store, is a 4 at that store.

And let’s not talk about Chico’s “a normal size 6 is a size 0 here” nonsense.

Also, size deflation seems to be rampant.  Is it just me or has a nominal size 8 from 10 years ago seemed to have morphed into a size 6 today?

These size issues are obviously creeping into men’s clothing as well.  Case in point.  The jeans K bought me were the same size waist and inseam as my trusty pairs of Levi’s.  However, when I tried them on, I was able to take them off without unbuttoning or unzipping them.

My first thought was “wow, this exercise thing is working better than I thought.”  But then reality set in.  There’s no way I’ve lost that many inches off of my waist.

So, during our shopping-fest on my birthday, we stopped in the same store from which K bought the jeans.

I tried on the next smaller size.  Still too big.

I tried on the next smaller size.  Still too big.

I tried on the next smaller size.  Still too big.

Finally, the pair that fit had a waist size 6 inches smaller than my Levi’s.  I haven’t worn jeans this small since the Bush administration.

That would be the first Bush administration.

Now, did this make me feel some good that I could fit into this size?  At first, yes.  But then I felt ticked off at such a blatant case of manipulation.

And exhausted from trying on so many freakin’ pairs of jeans.

Yes indeed, I’m walkin’

August 26, 2009

One of the kids is sick.  Now, for most folks, having a sick kid is pretty par for the course.  But we’ve been extremely fortunate that the kids have been very healthy.

OK, except for that whole open heart surgery thing.

Outside of yearly checkups and cardiologists visits, A has been to the doctor one time (for roseolla).  J has never been to the doctor for sickness.  Until yesterday.

Since Sunday PM, J has had a fever and cough.  Seeing that we’ve had some swine flu worries in the family, and given his cardiovascular history, we were a little on edge.   We knew he was feeling less than perky when he said “Mommy, a cough is not fun.”

When we took him to see the doctor yesterday morning, we weren’t able to meet with his regular pediatrician.  So this doctor wasn’t fully versed on his whole medical history.  At first, we were getting a lot of the “well, kids have fevers … there’s a lot of things going around … make sure he gets lots of fluids” talk from the doctor.

Until we mentioned the magic words “he’s had open heart surgery.”

The tone of the conversation changed considerably after that.

Long story short, after lots of listening, coughing and bloodletting, they diagnosed J with walking pneumonia and prescribed zithromax.  Of course, we had to pay an extra $3 to get the grape flavoring added.  Frankly, we would have paid $300 for it, since that’s the only medicine flavor that doesn’t cause J to gag.

When I checked him for fever at 2AM and tried to give him Tylenol, I wasn’t sure he was awake enough to take it.  Until he said “Is it purple?”

So I guess the lesson to take from this is, if you really want to get good service at a doctor visit, just make sure you have open heart surgery first.

100_5343 (Medium) (Custom) J has always been a “tough stick” for blood tests.
That’s why his arm looks like a vampire appetizer.

100_5336 (Custom)J is taking full advantage of sick time by watching
too much TV and eating too many goldfish

100_5340 (Custom)A makes sure J’s heart is OK.

A few hours after his first big honkin’ dose of antibiotics, we could tell he was perking up.  As Nana so succinctly put it …

“I knew he he was feeling better when he resumed aggrevating his sister.”

Reflections on 41

August 25, 2009

I guess I’d be remiss if I didn’t summarize some of the weekend birthday activities.  Since plans changed at the last minute, we just had dinner with just my dad and his wife.  We came back to our house for dessert and presents.

Which, in my opinion, can be the same thing.

Once again, the kids got to pick out their own presents for me. Since they are on a coin counting kick, you can guess what the gifts were:

100_5323 (Medium) (Custom)J went with coin wrappers

100_5324 (Medium) (Custom)While A thought the red plastic piggy bank was the way to go

100_5328 (Custom)Nana knows how much I love the alma mater wear

100_5326 (Medium) (Custom)And she didn’t want me to feel left out,
so I got my own Cars toy

100_5329 (Custom)Dad’s wrapped-to-survive-nuclear-attack gift
almost wore me out

100_5332 (Medium) (Custom)But the dual mini helicopters perked me right up.

IMGP5616 (Custom)K continues to try to elevate my standards of dress.

Did I mention there was dessert?

IMGP5612 (Custom)In addition to a wonderful Nana-made cake,
we had my new favorite ice cream

IMGP5615 (Custom)This is cake-batter ice cream, with fudge/caramel swirl,
chocolate-chip cookie dough, and crushed Twix bars.

It will require extra hard exercise the rest of the week,
but it was worth it.

A little weekend trip

August 24, 2009

Since our plans for this weekend were modified due to the swine flu, we had an open weekend to spend as we wished.  Thanks to my mother-in-law, K and I were able to have a last-minute overnight trip to ourselves.

IMGP5588 (Custom)What’s missing?
Yup, it’s a carseat-free overnight trip.

IMGP5574 (Custom)Things looked a little ominous on the way out.
I think I can see Dorothy and Toto.

IMGP5591 (Custom)Right next to our hotel.  No, I did not plan this.

Friday night, I dragged K to a sneak preview of Avatar, a sci-fi movie coming out in December.  They showed about 20 minutes from the film.  And they were strict about security, stopping just short of a strip search for recording devices.

To say this was a geek-fest would be putting it mildly.

avatarK was one of only 7 females there.
And the only one not wearing black.

How could I reward her sacrifice?  Well, since the movie preview was only playing in one of the largest shopping complexes known to man, we spent the next 24 hours shopping.

You think I’m kidding.

IMGP5577 (Custom)Capturing the elusive Shoe-is Shopivus in its natural environment

untitled (Custom)She tried on lots of very nice shoes.

IMGP5581 (Custom)Others, not so much.

IMGP5580 (Custom)She must return to the mother ship
once every full moon.

IMGP5584 (Custom)She was able to bag one big game.

IMGP5586 (Custom)At 70% off retail, I didn’t mind so much.

IMGP5589 (Custom)Besides, it completed the ensemble.

After a glorious Saturday morning sleeping in, we spent Saturday AM and the land of IKEA, which I believe is Swedish for “particleboard.”

IMGP5592 (Custom)You need a GPS to navigate this place.

IMGP5598 (Custom)Listen, people.  There are arrows on the floor for a reason.
Swim upstream at your own risk.

We played the “find the most ridiculous sounding IKEA name” game:

IMGP5593 (Custom)You can never have too many umlauts

IMGP5595 (Custom)“You’re in time-out. Go over and sit on your försiktig!”

IMGP5596 (Custom)All I can think of is the Swedish Chef.
Bork! Bork! Bork!

After purchasing a MONGSTAD (which roughly translates to “outrageously sized floor mirror”), we headed back towards home.  We stopped off for some trendy boutique shopping in Occoquan, VA.

IMGP5599 (Custom)“Occoquan” is derived from a Dogue Indian word
meaning “not enough parking.”

IMGP5600 (Custom)Our one non-materialistic moment of the weekend.

IMGP5605 (Small)This shop looked like something
out of Harry Potter

IMGP5601 (Custom)Especially the magically bowed bay window

IMGP5604 (Custom)K did find a cute pearl ring

IMGP5608 (Custom)When we arrived home, we found a tree in front
of our property had been obliterated by lightning
A sign that we spent too much money?

IMGP5611 (Custom)One of the best parts of getting away
is the greeting when you get home.

40 no more

August 21, 2009

So, today is my last day of being 40.  When I start to feel a little negative about tomorrow, I just think that it could be worse.

I could be my brother.

And I don’t just mean because he’s older, uglier, and has less hair than I.

Although all those things are true.

I mean that he is having even less fun this week.  You see, his two oldest girls have been at camp for two weeks.  They came back last Saturday.  And they brought back more than memories.

The came back with swine flu.

Now, before you get all worried, everybody is fine. It’s really no big deal.  Just very contagious.  Complicating matters was the fact that they picked up the girls from camp and immediately went to their lake house for the week.  Of course, after many hours in the car and several days in the same house, all five family members (three girls, my brother and sister-in-law) came down with it.

Did I mention that my whole extended family was planning on spending this weekend at their lake house?

Needless to say, we’re planning an alternate birthday celebration for tomorrow.

Oink, oink.