OK, boys and girls

The roles of nature and nurture to explain the different behavioral patterns of boys and girls have been well documented.  All I can add is my own personal experience.

And I think my take can be summed up in one anecdote.

As I mentioned before, we watch the movie Cars a lot.  Both kids love it.  We’ve purchased a lot of Cars merchandise for both J and A.  Here are two cars:

100_5188 (Custom)Two different sizes of the character Mater.

When presented with these two cars, A exclaimed …

“Oh look, a Daddy and a Baby Mater!”

Over the next 15 minutes, she  proceeded to regale us with an intricate story of parental love, childhood rebellion, and loving reconciliation.  It was quite moving.

J picked them up, had them face each other, and said …

“Let’s fight!”

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