Our little ballerina

As I’ve mentioned before, A’s been taking some introductory ballet classes.  Usually K takes her to class while J and I do manly-man things.  But last Saturday, K had another commitment, so I got to take A to class while J stayed with Nana.

Let’s just say that, after this class, A could have asked for a pony and I would not have been able to say no.

100_5249 (Custom)Ready to go

100_5255 (Custom)First position (I think)

100_5257 (Custom)Very focused on the teacher

100_5259 (Custom)Won’t take her eyes off of the teacher

100_5261 (Custom)Pointing the toes seems important

100_5263 (Custom)Waiting for her turn on the stage

100_5266 (Custom)I think that might be a smile

100_5268 (Custom)This is no time to horse around

100_5271 (Custom)Spin …

100_5272 (Custom)…and spin …

100_5273 (Custom)…maybe too much spinning.

100_5283 (Custom)Again,with the pointing

100_5285 (Custom)She’s the only one paying attention

100_5288 (Custom)I once caught a fish this big.

100_5289 (Custom)Ready for the big finish

100_5291 (Custom)And curtsy

100_5292 (Custom)Everybody should get stickers for a job well done.

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One Comment on “Our little ballerina”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Just go ahead and hand over the credit card. Or tell her to call her Fairy Godmother in NC. Mine’s out and ready for whatever she wants.

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