Now that’s what I call a doll

While we were out and about on Saturday, we ended up in a store with a small toy section.  A came running up to K with a box, saying she really, really wanted this doll (does that phrase come hardwired into kids’ DNA?).

Needless to say, K said no.

Of course, I asked if I could get it.


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7 Comments on “Now that’s what I call a doll”

  1. […] This post by my dear friend Imnotned who lives in the comments section will tell you all you need to know […]

  2. carpoolqueen Says:

    Aren’t you supposed to be a Redskin?

    • imnotned Says:

      Honey, while the Callous Doughboys might not be worth watching, I’m an equal-opportunity cheerleader watcher.

      Cheerleaders are the real reason God invented hidef TV.

  3. So funny! And how come CPQ is only now telling us that you have a blog of your own?

    • imnotned Says:

      Oh, I guess she is just a cold, selfish, uncaring person.

      (And those are the three best adjectives I could think of to summarize the complete opposite of how CPQ really is.)

  4. Gretchen Says:

    Most excellent. Better not give my husband this link, or he’ll want one, too. Seahawk cheerleaders are probably too granola for his taste.

    BTW, hopping over from CPQ’s.

  5. Tiffani Says:

    Yep, she’s outed you and I’m only realizing it moments after two of your comments on her posts made me startle my kids with my obnoxious snort/laugh.

    Lovely doll.

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