Double standard

We spent  Saturday and Sunday evenings at two different friends’ houses.  A couple of incidents on both nights highlighted one of the inherent uneven standards I have for J and A.

Saturday was at the house of longtime Sunday School friends.  They have two boys, one of whom is J and A’s age (we’ll call him T).  The three of them are best buds, but A and T are especially good friends (that’s A and T on the couch together in an earlier post).

Well, at this particular time during the evening, the kids had finished eating and were on their 23rd lap around the house.  The adults were still at the table, having some nice and well overdue conversations concerning things other than craft glue, Batman, and the latest WordWorld episode.

T comes up to the table, pulls up his shirt and says “See my belly!”

I bet you can see where this is going.

Not wanted to be left out, A comes to the table and pulls her shirt over her head (quick aside/question … when does this behavior officially transition from cute to obscene?)

Then, with her torso in full view of the room, instead of saying the expected “See my belly,”  she exclaims:

“T, let’s go up to your bedroom.”

Instinctively, I believe the words “Over my dead body” came out of my mouth.

Now on Sunday, we had dinner with one of K’s college friends and her husband.  As we were leaving their condo, one of their neighbors (a young 20-something woman) came out of her condo and walked down the hall.  As I watched J (yes, I was watching J), his head proceeded to track this young woman all the way down the hall.  And what sound came from his mouth as he watched her walk away?


I swear, I did not teach him that.

So, after this horrible, reprehensible, chauvinistic display, what did I say to J?

“That’s my boy.”

Followed by a fist-bump.

Yes, it’s a double standard.  So sue me.

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2 Comments on “Double standard”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    I have no words. Only laughter snorting from my nose. Have I told you lately how much I’m enjoying that you’re blogging?

  2. Tiffani Says:

    double standard, indeed. i’m calling my lawyer. 😉

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