We do actually feed them

Both kids are fairly thin.  At their yearly checkups, they are always above average for height, but below average for weight.  This has its benefits and its challenges.

I wish I had such benefits and challenges.

First of all is clothes.  While there are some problems finding pants that don’t fall down past their non-existent hips, their size makes it a little easier to milk as much time out of their clothes as possible.  For example:

100_5295 (Custom)These are size 2T.  He’s going for the man-capri look.

100_5298 (Custom)So are these trendy long shorts?

Nope.  They are full-length pants.

100_5296 (Custom)For an 18-month old.

Another challenge is with their car seats.  According to the manufacturer of their seats, they should use their current seats until they are 4 years old and 40 pounds.  Well they’ve been 4 for almost 7 months.  But both are still short of 40 pounds, especially A, who is only 35 pounds.

We joke that, at this rate, A will have to take a booster seat with her on her first date.

Which, of course, will be when she’s 35.

Nope.  They are full-length pants.
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2 Comments on “We do actually feed them”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Yeah, we don’t have that problem. We’re shopping in the men’s section. For the 10 year old.

  2. Tiffani Says:

    Oh my kindred. My 5 year old daughter is 36 pounds. Still wearing 4T in dresses and tops and I bought a pair of 24 months shorts on clearance the other day to play around the house in (otherwise she’d look a little like your doll) but they still fit in the waist!…and we’re still in the big ‘ol chunky five point harness seat we bought when she was an INFANT.

    Our kids can start a “Booster Club”! HA!

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