A little weekend trip

Since our plans for this weekend were modified due to the swine flu, we had an open weekend to spend as we wished.  Thanks to my mother-in-law, K and I were able to have a last-minute overnight trip to ourselves.

IMGP5588 (Custom)What’s missing?
Yup, it’s a carseat-free overnight trip.

IMGP5574 (Custom)Things looked a little ominous on the way out.
I think I can see Dorothy and Toto.

IMGP5591 (Custom)Right next to our hotel.  No, I did not plan this.

Friday night, I dragged K to a sneak preview of Avatar, a sci-fi movie coming out in December.  They showed about 20 minutes from the film.  And they were strict about security, stopping just short of a strip search for recording devices.

To say this was a geek-fest would be putting it mildly.

avatarK was one of only 7 females there.
And the only one not wearing black.

How could I reward her sacrifice?  Well, since the movie preview was only playing in one of the largest shopping complexes known to man, we spent the next 24 hours shopping.

You think I’m kidding.

IMGP5577 (Custom)Capturing the elusive Shoe-is Shopivus in its natural environment

untitled (Custom)She tried on lots of very nice shoes.

IMGP5581 (Custom)Others, not so much.

IMGP5580 (Custom)She must return to the mother ship
once every full moon.

IMGP5584 (Custom)She was able to bag one big game.

IMGP5586 (Custom)At 70% off retail, I didn’t mind so much.

IMGP5589 (Custom)Besides, it completed the ensemble.

After a glorious Saturday morning sleeping in, we spent Saturday AM and the land of IKEA, which I believe is Swedish for “particleboard.”

IMGP5592 (Custom)You need a GPS to navigate this place.

IMGP5598 (Custom)Listen, people.  There are arrows on the floor for a reason.
Swim upstream at your own risk.

We played the “find the most ridiculous sounding IKEA name” game:

IMGP5593 (Custom)You can never have too many umlauts

IMGP5595 (Custom)“You’re in time-out. Go over and sit on your försiktig!”

IMGP5596 (Custom)All I can think of is the Swedish Chef.
Bork! Bork! Bork!

After purchasing a MONGSTAD (which roughly translates to “outrageously sized floor mirror”), we headed back towards home.  We stopped off for some trendy boutique shopping in Occoquan, VA.

IMGP5599 (Custom)“Occoquan” is derived from a Dogue Indian word
meaning “not enough parking.”

IMGP5600 (Custom)Our one non-materialistic moment of the weekend.

IMGP5605 (Small)This shop looked like something
out of Harry Potter

IMGP5601 (Custom)Especially the magically bowed bay window

IMGP5604 (Custom)K did find a cute pearl ring

IMGP5608 (Custom)When we arrived home, we found a tree in front
of our property had been obliterated by lightning
A sign that we spent too much money?

IMGP5611 (Custom)One of the best parts of getting away
is the greeting when you get home.

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5 Comments on “A little weekend trip”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Craig would ask “How come it was YOUR birthday and K got all the loot?”

    I would say, “Well done.”

  2. Tiffani Says:

    nothing like catering to the spouse on your no more 40 day…but hey, if Mama’s happy YOU’RE happy, right???!!!

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