Reflections on 41

I guess I’d be remiss if I didn’t summarize some of the weekend birthday activities.  Since plans changed at the last minute, we just had dinner with just my dad and his wife.  We came back to our house for dessert and presents.

Which, in my opinion, can be the same thing.

Once again, the kids got to pick out their own presents for me. Since they are on a coin counting kick, you can guess what the gifts were:

100_5323 (Medium) (Custom)J went with coin wrappers

100_5324 (Medium) (Custom)While A thought the red plastic piggy bank was the way to go

100_5328 (Custom)Nana knows how much I love the alma mater wear

100_5326 (Medium) (Custom)And she didn’t want me to feel left out,
so I got my own Cars toy

100_5329 (Custom)Dad’s wrapped-to-survive-nuclear-attack gift
almost wore me out

100_5332 (Medium) (Custom)But the dual mini helicopters perked me right up.

IMGP5616 (Custom)K continues to try to elevate my standards of dress.

Did I mention there was dessert?

IMGP5612 (Custom)In addition to a wonderful Nana-made cake,
we had my new favorite ice cream

IMGP5615 (Custom)This is cake-batter ice cream, with fudge/caramel swirl,
chocolate-chip cookie dough, and crushed Twix bars.

It will require extra hard exercise the rest of the week,
but it was worth it.

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2 Comments on “Reflections on 41”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    And wouldn’t you know, there’s a Maggie Moo’s just down the road. My thighs thank you.

    PS – Something tell’s me A got you the piggy bank so she can raid it.

    • imnotned Says:

      Only problem with that plan is that the only opening on the piggy bank is the slot. She’s going to be very frustrated when she figures this out.

      Or she’ll figure out how to use a knife to get coins out of the slot.

      Not that I’ve ever done that or anything.

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