Yes indeed, I’m walkin’

One of the kids is sick.  Now, for most folks, having a sick kid is pretty par for the course.  But we’ve been extremely fortunate that the kids have been very healthy.

OK, except for that whole open heart surgery thing.

Outside of yearly checkups and cardiologists visits, A has been to the doctor one time (for roseolla).  J has never been to the doctor for sickness.  Until yesterday.

Since Sunday PM, J has had a fever and cough.  Seeing that we’ve had some swine flu worries in the family, and given his cardiovascular history, we were a little on edge.   We knew he was feeling less than perky when he said “Mommy, a cough is not fun.”

When we took him to see the doctor yesterday morning, we weren’t able to meet with his regular pediatrician.  So this doctor wasn’t fully versed on his whole medical history.  At first, we were getting a lot of the “well, kids have fevers … there’s a lot of things going around … make sure he gets lots of fluids” talk from the doctor.

Until we mentioned the magic words “he’s had open heart surgery.”

The tone of the conversation changed considerably after that.

Long story short, after lots of listening, coughing and bloodletting, they diagnosed J with walking pneumonia and prescribed zithromax.  Of course, we had to pay an extra $3 to get the grape flavoring added.  Frankly, we would have paid $300 for it, since that’s the only medicine flavor that doesn’t cause J to gag.

When I checked him for fever at 2AM and tried to give him Tylenol, I wasn’t sure he was awake enough to take it.  Until he said “Is it purple?”

So I guess the lesson to take from this is, if you really want to get good service at a doctor visit, just make sure you have open heart surgery first.

100_5343 (Medium) (Custom) J has always been a “tough stick” for blood tests.
That’s why his arm looks like a vampire appetizer.

100_5336 (Custom)J is taking full advantage of sick time by watching
too much TV and eating too many goldfish

100_5340 (Custom)A makes sure J’s heart is OK.

A few hours after his first big honkin’ dose of antibiotics, we could tell he was perking up.  As Nana so succinctly put it …

“I knew he he was feeling better when he resumed aggrevating his sister.”

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2 Comments on “Yes indeed, I’m walkin’”

  1. Tiffani Says:

    was his heart saying: me want Cookie??

    glad he’s perking up and glad the Princess is taking care of him!! 🙂

  2. carpoolqueen Says:

    WHAT? How does a kid get walking pneumonia????? And yeah for grape flavor (except in our house it’s orange, and who invented Tutti-Frutti???? It’s not welcome here.)

    Give J a hug from his Aunt Susan.

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