I feel your pain

As part of my birthday present, K tried to help me break out of one of my boxes by giving me a pair of jeans not made by Levi Strauss.  One by-product of this purchase was to make me more aware of a scheme that has been perpetuated on women for quite some time.

The moving target that is clothing size.

Now, I don’t mean expanding waistlines.  I talking about the fact that womens’ clothing sizes don’t seem to be standard, and are slowing mutating over time.

You see, in theory, men’s clothing, especially pants, are very objectively sized.  Waist size and inseam.  In inches.  End of story.

Women’s clothing, though, have always been less objective.  As a man who isn’t afraid to purchase clothing for his wife, I learned this long ago.  A 6 at this store is an 8 at this store, is a 4 at that store.

And let’s not talk about Chico’s “a normal size 6 is a size 0 here” nonsense.

Also, size deflation seems to be rampant.  Is it just me or has a nominal size 8 from 10 years ago seemed to have morphed into a size 6 today?

These size issues are obviously creeping into men’s clothing as well.  Case in point.  The jeans K bought me were the same size waist and inseam as my trusty pairs of Levi’s.  However, when I tried them on, I was able to take them off without unbuttoning or unzipping them.

My first thought was “wow, this exercise thing is working better than I thought.”  But then reality set in.  There’s no way I’ve lost that many inches off of my waist.

So, during our shopping-fest on my birthday, we stopped in the same store from which K bought the jeans.

I tried on the next smaller size.  Still too big.

I tried on the next smaller size.  Still too big.

I tried on the next smaller size.  Still too big.

Finally, the pair that fit had a waist size 6 inches smaller than my Levi’s.  I haven’t worn jeans this small since the Bush administration.

That would be the first Bush administration.

Now, did this make me feel some good that I could fit into this size?  At first, yes.  But then I felt ticked off at such a blatant case of manipulation.

And exhausted from trying on so many freakin’ pairs of jeans.

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3 Comments on “I feel your pain”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    But you BOUGHT them, right? I need you to say you did. I don’t want C to be the only one looking like he’s trying to land on the cover of GQ.

  2. Tiffani Says:

    how incredibly wonderful that a male is talking about the CRAZY sizing of jeans…and aren’t you wiser for it!!?? 😉 Dare I say Levi’s have NEVER worked for me as a gal? I think men SHOULD have/wear them…ladies, I just don’t know…

    Nothing frustrates me more than size manipulation except of course when I’m on the lower end of the scale (hehehe) I love Old Navy the best b/c I may as well be a teen again in their sizes…woo hoo!

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