Who? Us?

A was excited because Nana had purchased some doughnut holes.  After her evening bath, she came running downstairs, excited at the prospect of a doughnut hole or two for snack.  She grabbed the box and started running into the family room … and stopped short.

“Hey!  What happened to these?” she asked, holding a nearly empty box.

Playing coy, K said “I don’t know honey.  What do you think happened to them?”

A then proceeded to point back and forth between K and me.

The jig is up.

A gets my vote for first one to figure out the Santa thing.

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3 Comments on “Who? Us?”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    I got busted today for consuming half the can of Pringles. Couldn’t even blame it on Dad.

  2. Tiffani Says:

    oh, being busted by the kids STINKS!

    literally Oreo in mouth..hmm? mwhat? (swallows) It was a vitamin, honey!

  3. quotation marks Says:


    Now where are the pictures of J at ballet???????

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