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Another Day Off

September 30, 2009

Since K had the rarest of rare days at work (meaning a day with no meetings), we decided to take the day off.  We got to drop the kids off at preschool, then had 3 hours to do whatever we wanted.

First things first.  McDonald’s breakfast was in order.

1mcd (Custom)It’s not vacation until hash browns are consumed.

We then walked around a couple of small shops.  I, of course, found a little, out-of-the-way, packed-to-the-gills, good old fashioned hardware store.  I’m surprised places like this still exist, especially in the Home-Depot-fied suburbia in which we live.

I especially liked the fact they also sold watermelons.

Which they kept in the aisle with the furnace filters.

2melons (Custom)Did I mention that a song called
“God is Great, Beer is Good” was playing overhead?
Definitely an anachronism around here.

Before we went back to pick up the kids, we stopped at Michael’s for some needed craft supplies.  Among other things, I picked up some ever-useful Mighty Putty.

3putty (Custom)R.I.P, Billy Mays

While K picked up the latest missive from The Great Leader

4living (Custom)What Would Martha Do?

We grabbed the kids from school and headed out for lunch and some playground play.  Heading back home, flying kites and driveway chalk ended the afternoon.

100B5541 (Custom)I think K was surprised it actually worked.

100_5528 (Custom)All the fun was too much for K.
A didn’t want to disturb the crime scene,
so she outlined K in chalk.

Not a bad day.  Too bad we can’t win the lottery and spend every day like this.


And the first shall be last

September 29, 2009

K and the kids were playing Candyland before dinner the other day.

(No, I was not playing, continuing my tradition of boycotting all things related to board games.  Not a favorite.)

After dinner, A was playing with the little gingerbread man pieces that come with the game.  K and I were still at the table, so A came over and handed each of us a playing piece.

“Here daddy, you’ll be blue.

Mommy, you’ll be red.

J, you’re green.

And I’ll be yellow.

And yellow will be the leader.

IMGP5679 (Custom)

I’m reminded of  story Nana likes to tell.  One time when K was about 6 years old, she and a bunch of neighborhood children were outside playing.  Nana was inside the house.  She couldn’t see the kids playing, but could hear them through an open window.  She heard one child telling the other kids what to do:

“OK, you’ll be here.  You, go stand over there.  I’ll go first.  Then you will go, then you.”

Two guesses which of the kids was saying this.

The best part of Fall

September 28, 2009

Some may say that the cooler temperature are the best part of Fall.  Others say the changing colors are their favorite.

This is the single best part about Fall.  These are only available for about a month before Halloween (at least in our area):

IMGP5681 (Custom)

Dinosaur ABCs

September 25, 2009

J and A been repeating this song for several days.

Over and over again.

I guess I learned how a bill becomes a law by memorizing a TV cartoon song.  I’m just not sure knowing a dinosaur name starting with every letter of the alphabet will be as useful in 12th grade government class.

While J does most of the singing, you have to appreciate A’s backup vocals, while wearing a Belle princess dress, Aurora tiara, flip-flops, and playing the castanets.

There’s a sentence I never imagined writing.

Dink and Dunk

September 24, 2009

K’s company had a team building festival yesterday.  As a part of this festival, upper management took turns in a dunk tank.

Like manna from heaven, a keepsake photo opportunity presented itself to me.

Obviously I could not let this opportunity pass without documenting it for repeated hilarity posterity.

She entered the arena

And immediately started talking trash:

100_5494 (Custom)

And threw her own water balloons at the would-be-dunkers:

100_5493 (Custom)

Now you could pay $1 to throw balls (unfortunately this guy’s aim was a little off):

Fortunately, you could also pay $5 to run up and push the button:

She was a glutton for more punishment:

100_5501 (Custom)

She looked a little hesitant for the next trip:

100_5502 (Custom)

Which came soon enough:

100_5503 (Custom)

Afterwards she was all smiles, but needed a towel:

100_5504 (Custom)

How I would light a charcoal grill

September 23, 2009

Another reason I have a gas grill.  Otherwise I would do things like this.

This goes out to Mr. CPQ and his Kings of Q.  If I’m ever at one of your BBQ events, we are so doing this.

Date night shoes

September 22, 2009

Once again, thanks to Nana, K and I were able to have a date night Saturday night.

As an aside, hopefully we can save you some money by telling you to skip The Informant.  Didn’t do it for us

K decided that, since we would not be walking much on this date, she could wear some more interesting shoes.

And by interesting, I mean shoes that make me say “That’s what I’m talkin’ about!”

To wit:

100_5477 (Custom)

In case you missed them, here’s a closeup.

IMGP5677 (Custom)You know, you can’t get them fancy dangling
plastic jewels on just any ordinary pair of
brown-metallic, 3 1/2-inch heel ankle boots.

Since we bought these on our trip to Las Vegas last year, we call them, in a stroke of originality, her “Vegas boots.”

Vegas, baby!

Now, would she wear them to high tea?  No.

Would she wear them to work?  No.

Would she wear them to church?  No.

(Wow, I’m starting to sound like Dr. Seuss.  Would she wear them here or them? Would she wear them anywhere?  But I digress.)

Would she wear them anywhere that would require more than 30 seconds of walking?  Probably not.

But would she wear them to humor her husband on date night?  Of course.

Another reason she’s a keeper.