A little clean-up

Before  A began her puke-a-thon Saturday night, we did get in a little late-summer cleaning.

Of course, you know it’s time to clean when the dead bug bodies are stacked so high in the garage windows that you can’t see out.

IMGP5626 (Custom)Everybody pitched in

IMGP5630 (Custom)Some more than others

IMGP5627 (Custom)With minimal catepillar distraction

IMGP5634 (Custom)Like her father, A is task oriented.

IMGP5636 (Custom)But as always, neither like the vacuum noise

IMGP5638 (Custom)But dirty feet are a sign of a morning well spent.

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2 Comments on “A little clean-up”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    The headphones SLAY me. But their NC cousins have their own set that connects to the DVD player.

  2. Tiffani Says:

    So sorry that you’ve had pukeage…never fun…for the puker or the pukee…hope she’s better!!

    Do they make those headphones for dogs?? She tends nut up a little w/ the vaccuum noise!!

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