Roar if you want to

So we’re sitting at the dinner table last night, just finishing off a meal.  Since A is still under the weather, she’s in the family room, trying not to even think about food.   So J has the table/stage to himself, and is taking full advantage of the attention.

“Can I get a roar?” he asks.

Knowing his love of all thing predatory (dinosaurs, lion, sharks, etc.), I do my best with a little monster-inspired growl.

“No, Daddy.  Can I get a ROAR?”  He’s getting a little more vocal.

K now does her impression of a lioness, pulling out an impressive RRRRRROOOOOAAAARRRRRR.

J is now laughing, but still insistent.

“No, sillly mommy.  Can I get a ROAR!?!?!?!”

Then it hits us.

We remembered that he’s still having trouble with his trailing “l’s”.

And we also remembered the tray of crescent rolls sitting on the counter…

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2 Comments on “Roar if you want to”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Ahhaaaa! Will you please feed that kid? I’m concerned.

  2. Tiffani Says:

    poor kid. who knew asking for a roll would cause such ghastly sounds from the parentals 😉

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