Step by Step

When we bought the property on which we eventually built our house, we knew building on it would have several “challenges.”

And by “challenges” I mean “reasons why nobody had built on the property already.”

One big issue was the fact that there was a limited amount of area on which we could build a house due to a flood plain covering a lot of the property.  We maximized this buildable area by putting the house on top of a large retaining wall, allowing us to build right up to the edge of the flood plain.

This allowed us to build the house, but made it difficult to access a large portion of the property behind the house.  We had to walk to the end of the wall, then navigate a fairly steep slope.  To remedy this, we just had a set of steps built down the largest portion of the wall.

100_5361 (Custom)Part of our little wall.  At least there’s no graffiti.

100_5369 (Custom)You can see why handrails are important
on the screened-in porch.

100_5351 (Custom)During construction.

100_5357 (Custom)Even before the inaugural use, J had figured out the latch.

100_5362 (Custom)Well, it survived at least one trip.

100_5373 (Custom)They now have a limitless supply of sticks

100_5368 (Custom)I’m thinking zip line to a tree house.

100_5363 (Custom)J blesses the newly accessible land.
Image sanitized for your protection.

100_5359 (Custom)It’s a family moment

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One Comment on “Step by Step”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Zip line would ROCK! Better weight test it for the triplet cousins.

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