Quite a Feet

This is one of the very first pictures ever taken of A:

A_Feet (Custom)

Ya gotta love those toes.  They’re cute even on the little foot stamp we made:

IMGP5644 (Custom)

Then yesterday, I come home to find A napping on our bed.

IMGP5646 (Custom)

And I take a look at her feet.

IMGP5652 (Custom)

When did this happen?  She’s only 4 1/2 years old.  When did these big girl feet show up?

And if she’s got her mother’s taste, I’m going to have to take on a second job just to afford her shoes.

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One Comment on “Quite a Feet”

  1. Tiffani Says:

    Oh, this made me a l’il misty (cause it DOES happen so quickly) and then very excited for even the youngest girl loveth the shoes…she’s got MUCH to look forward to!

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