A Little Bit of Nature

K spent much of her childhood in the great outdoors.  I, on the other hand, equate camping with eating dinner on the screened-in porch.  So, in an effort to get the kids a little more outdoor time, we spent Saturday with K’s dad at a local wetlands preserve (the same place K spent a lot of time with her dad growing up).

BTW, when did they stop being called “swamps?”  But I digress.

P1030372 (Custom)Are you lookin’ at me?  Are YOU lookin’ at ME?

P1030376 (Custom)It’s a moment.

P1030378 (Custom)The gang’s all here.

P1030381 (Custom)Woohoo! Mom can we PLEASE color our own swamp,
I mean, wetland?  I’ve always wanted one!

P1030383 (Custom)We used to have beaver on our property.  Notice I said “used to.”

P1030388 (Custom)A teachable moment.

P1030389 (Custom)As you can tell, I’m stoked about the
That describes me to a T.  It’s because I care.

P1030392 (Custom)Unlike the beaver,we still have plenty of these at home.

P1030394 (Custom)There’s a giant mutant mushroom headed for us!

P1030396 (Custom)More lessons from Grandpa.

P1030395 (Custom)The only road on which you won’t find a Starbucks.

P1030401 (Custom)A notices something.

P1030400 (Custom)Now we all must investigate.

P1030405 (Custom)Hello little fella.

P1030404 (Custom)Are you interested in some nice water-front property?

P1030410 (Custom)J and Grandpa

P1030412 (Custom)The kids are starting to drag.

P1030414 (Custom)I think he swallowed a bug.

So what was the carrot with which K enticed me to go on this little excursion?

100_5387 (Custom)The park was near the food of the gods.
And I may have just found my Halloween costume.

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2 Comments on “A Little Bit of Nature”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Ranger Rick Wetlands Tip: Squatting six inches from the mushroom before training the high powered binoculars on it enhances the viewing experience.

  2. Tiffani Says:

    I concur, Dr. Carpoolqueen.

    I would’ve needed to make a sacrifice at the kk throne pre and post trip…

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