Mr. T

J and A’s friend T came over for a little bit yesterday.

Yes, the same T who’s been puttin’ the moves on A.  I keep a close eye on him.

K envisioned a day walking through the property, looking for new insects, listening for bird calls, trying to spot the owl … you know, communing with nature.

Instead, they mostly threw rocks.

What is it in the male DNA that requires us to throw rocks, especially around bodies of water.  The kids spent almost two hours throwing rocks into the creek.  And subtlety, but almost on que, T’s father and I started throwing rocks as well.

Next up are the grunting scratching lessons.

100_5383 (Custom)A was a little muddy after the rock-throwing marathon

100_5384 (Custom)But T was worse, requiring a wardrobe change.

After the throwing of the rocks, it was time for the wearing of the scary Star Wars masks.

100_5389 (Custom)A, I am your father

100_5390 (Custom)Do these horns make my head look big?

100_5392 (Custom)I am not sure what to make of this.

100_5393 (Custom)If he’s really, really good, next week
we’ll move J into a bigger bedroom.

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