We were watching a little TV last night (or rather I was watching TV while K was doing a little work – a fairly common occurrence).  I was fascinated by a show on the Science Channel (I know, big surprise) about the newest manned space vehicle on which NASA is working.

And I’m sure some of you decided to stop reading right there.  I tried to warn you with the title.

With an aerospace engineering degree and having worked for NASA at one time, I tend to gravitate towards these types of shows.  So while I was watching the descriptions of all the design aspects of the vehicle,  K was completely ignoring the entire show.  Until they showed the dirt testing.

It was like watching a sleeping dog when it hears food being poured into a bowl. K’s head popped up.  And I believe an audible “Oooooo” came out of her mouth.

This part of the show was describing how NASA tests the vehicle landing on the ground.  In order to get exact measurements, they even have to test the properties of the dirt.

Or is it soil?  K always corrects me about the differences between “dirt” and “soil.”

Did I mention K majored in Dirt?  OK, technically, she majored in Environmental Science.  But it seems she spent a lot of her undergraduate time walking around in fields, taking core samples, and looking for things like “sandy loam.”

I think I dated a Sandy Loam once.  But I digress.

So, after ignoring all the cool stuff on the program (like aerobraking, ablative cooling, and hypersonic wind tunnel testing … boy if you didn’t stop reading before, you have now), she gets all excited about dirt.

What can I say, we geeks run in packs.

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  1. Tiffani Says:

    So, I guess it’s safe to say you missed the season premiere of Glee?!

  2. carpoolqueen Says:

    Yin, meet Yang.

  3. momologuer Says:

    Yin – Dirt is soil out of place.

    Love you,

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