I sense much geek in him

J loves puzzles.  While most of the time he can’t still long enough to complete a thought, when it comes to a puzzle, he will sit there for 30 minutes, putting together a 100-piece puzzle.

100_5399 (Custom)His latest obsession

He worked on this puzzle for 15 minutes, then we made him stop for dinner.  After inhaling his dinner in record time, he asked to be excused.  So he could work on the puzzle.

100_5396 (Custom)

Another 10 minutes later, we have:

100_5397 (Custom)Tah-dah!!

Based on the Venn diagram I showed the other day, I’m guessing he’s following my footsteps into the “geek” category.

I think I’m getting a little choked up…

Of course, when I asked him “So, does this tyrannosaurus eat little boys?” he replied:

No, dad.  It’s just a puzzle.

So at least he’s grounded in reality.

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2 Comments on “I sense much geek in him”

  1. Tiffani Says:

    Little boys just snatch my heart right up!! I love his “ta-da” face!!

    I think it’s just innate in little boys to sit like that b/c mine does the exact same “sit” when playing Legos.

    Truthfully, I lovey when the kids ask ME to help w/ puzzles, it keeps me from having to pretend I’m fighting in the Civil War a Jedi Battle or lost in the Amazon…

  2. quotation marks Says:

    And to think, it glows in the dark. I think I’d last about 5 minutes with a puzzle.

    Thanks for the up-to-dates.

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