Dink and Dunk

K’s company had a team building festival yesterday.  As a part of this festival, upper management took turns in a dunk tank.

Like manna from heaven, a keepsake photo opportunity presented itself to me.

Obviously I could not let this opportunity pass without documenting it for repeated hilarity posterity.

She entered the arena

And immediately started talking trash:

100_5494 (Custom)

And threw her own water balloons at the would-be-dunkers:

100_5493 (Custom)

Now you could pay $1 to throw balls (unfortunately this guy’s aim was a little off):

Fortunately, you could also pay $5 to run up and push the button:

She was a glutton for more punishment:

100_5501 (Custom)

She looked a little hesitant for the next trip:

100_5502 (Custom)

Which came soon enough:

100_5503 (Custom)

Afterwards she was all smiles, but needed a towel:

100_5504 (Custom)

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4 Comments on “Dink and Dunk”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    Boy am I sorry I missed this…..and I think my aim might have been a little better than some of those other guys. We may have to “reconstruct” the event, just for sport. It is a little lonely “at the top, isn’t it. Ha. People sometimes do take pot-shots at you. K, you are a very good sport, wet or dry.

  2. carpoolqueen Says:

    I half expected to see you paying the $5 and running in to dunk her.

    Wow – she looked a LOT more relaxed than I would have been.

    • imnotned Says:

      Only half expected? You see, there’s a small problem trying to take pictures/video whilst you are pushing the button.

      Which, of course, I did.

      One of the best $5 investments I’ve ever made.

  3. Tiffani Says:

    Oh, I think my Hubs would’ve thrown out a $20 for several pushes….

    What a trooper K was!

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