Dinosaur ABCs

J and A been repeating this song for several days.

Over and over again.

I guess I learned how a bill becomes a law by memorizing a TV cartoon song.  I’m just not sure knowing a dinosaur name starting with every letter of the alphabet will be as useful in 12th grade government class.

While J does most of the singing, you have to appreciate A’s backup vocals, while wearing a Belle princess dress, Aurora tiara, flip-flops, and playing the castanets.

There’s a sentence I never imagined writing.

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3 Comments on “Dinosaur ABCs”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    The CURTSY!!! You didn’t tell me if I hung in the whole way I’d see a curtsy!!

    And yeah, that was a great sentence. The castanets, flipflops, and tiara may make another appearance later on in her life, but she’ll never tell you about it.

    Oh wait, that might have been me.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    And now I know my A, B, Cs. Hey, sign them up and send them on the road.

  3. Tiffani Says:

    Now you and your sweet wife need about what, 5 more kiddos and you can have the Osmonds?! 😉

    Your babes are adorable and my daughter and A would be fast friends..

    Where was this song when my now 9 year old was a DINOSAUR JUNKIE?! Geez.

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