And the first shall be last

K and the kids were playing Candyland before dinner the other day.

(No, I was not playing, continuing my tradition of boycotting all things related to board games.  Not a favorite.)

After dinner, A was playing with the little gingerbread man pieces that come with the game.  K and I were still at the table, so A came over and handed each of us a playing piece.

“Here daddy, you’ll be blue.

Mommy, you’ll be red.

J, you’re green.

And I’ll be yellow.

And yellow will be the leader.

IMGP5679 (Custom)

I’m reminded of  story Nana likes to tell.  One time when K was about 6 years old, she and a bunch of neighborhood children were outside playing.  Nana was inside the house.  She couldn’t see the kids playing, but could hear them through an open window.  She heard one child telling the other kids what to do:

“OK, you’ll be here.  You, go stand over there.  I’ll go first.  Then you will go, then you.”

Two guesses which of the kids was saying this.

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One Comment on “And the first shall be last”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    She’s a bossy one, that K. Good thing she knows what she’s doing….

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