Another Day Off

Since K had the rarest of rare days at work (meaning a day with no meetings), we decided to take the day off.  We got to drop the kids off at preschool, then had 3 hours to do whatever we wanted.

First things first.  McDonald’s breakfast was in order.

1mcd (Custom)It’s not vacation until hash browns are consumed.

We then walked around a couple of small shops.  I, of course, found a little, out-of-the-way, packed-to-the-gills, good old fashioned hardware store.  I’m surprised places like this still exist, especially in the Home-Depot-fied suburbia in which we live.

I especially liked the fact they also sold watermelons.

Which they kept in the aisle with the furnace filters.

2melons (Custom)Did I mention that a song called
“God is Great, Beer is Good” was playing overhead?
Definitely an anachronism around here.

Before we went back to pick up the kids, we stopped at Michael’s for some needed craft supplies.  Among other things, I picked up some ever-useful Mighty Putty.

3putty (Custom)R.I.P, Billy Mays

While K picked up the latest missive from The Great Leader

4living (Custom)What Would Martha Do?

We grabbed the kids from school and headed out for lunch and some playground play.  Heading back home, flying kites and driveway chalk ended the afternoon.

100B5541 (Custom)I think K was surprised it actually worked.

100_5528 (Custom)All the fun was too much for K.
A didn’t want to disturb the crime scene,
so she outlined K in chalk.

Not a bad day.  Too bad we can’t win the lottery and spend every day like this.

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3 Comments on “Another Day Off”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Billy Mays AND Martha? Perfection.

  2. Tiffani Says:

    Oh, isn’t THAT the truth…those days are definitely not to be traded…

    Um, that driveway is jam up, Not Ned. My newly freed 5 year old on her two wheels would be in asphalt heaven!!

    • imnotned Says:

      re: the driveway, we’re waiting for the first “Mom, J ran off the driveway!” yell. The left side heads down a pretty good slope into the woods. Add that to the hill behind me that you can’t see in that picture (which serves as a nice method for acceleration) and we’re looking at least 2-3 trips to the emergency room in the future.

      Either that or I need to start researching guardrails.

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