Not a very Happy Meal for Daddy

In her latest McDonald’s Happy meal, A received the following toy:

100_5518 (Custom)Hmmm.  Doesn’t look like the normal Lego car
or movie tie-in product.

100_5519 (Custom)Is that what I think it is?
Yes, it is a makeup mirror and lip-gloss.

100_5516 (Custom)And A knows exactly what to do with it.

100_5515 (Custom)It must be genetic.

You can kill me now.

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4 Comments on “Not a very Happy Meal for Daddy”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    You could kill me when we were going through the phase when mine WANTED the girl toy.

    Purple My Little Pony’s?

    No thanks.

  2. whimzie Says:

    I have to stand up for the girls on this one. Whenever McD’s doesn’t have gender specific toys we usually have to settle for something that’s much more boy-centric. Every now and then it’s nice to embrace your inner Barbie.

    Barbie-Hating-Me-from-15-Years-Ago just threw up in her mouth a little bit when she read that last sentence.

    • imnotned Says:

      What’s funny is we normally try to get two of the same toys, since if they get different toys, they will fight over one of them. So A’s very used to getting a car, or Lego, or transformer. For some reason, this time K (also Anti-Barbi growing up) got them one of each.

      J got a car.

      And there was no fighting over the toys.

  3. Tiffani Says:

    trust me. it does not get any better. brace yourself.

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