Rollercoaster of emotions

Why do I think J and A will have similar reactions on their first rollercoaster rides?  Especially the “Going again!” part.

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4 Comments on “Rollercoaster of emotions”

  1. whimzie Says:

    I just laughed so I hard that I really and truly snorted. Oh my word. Hilarious. Makes me want to take my kids on a real roller coaster ride in the near future.

  2. carpoolqueen Says:

    You HAVE to take your camera when you go. Something tells me that your first roller coaster ride may be your last with one of them.

  3. Tiffani Says: That is TOO funny…

    Reminds me of when I took Connor on Space Mountain when he was 6 (like the day he turned 6). I thought surely DFACS would be waiting on me when we got off…he was GHOSTLY white and begged me not to let him do it AGAIN. Then, we went last year and his reaction was more like the video…LET’S GO AGAIN!!

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