Pickin’ and grinnin’

On Saturday, my brother and sister-in-law invited us for an afternoon of apple pickin’.  Normally, this isn’t incredibly high on my list of ways to spend a day of college football watching Saturday afternoon.  But since K and Nana were busy at church pulling together our Fall Arts Festival, it was going to be just me and the kids, which would have precluded said football watching anyway.  So we went along with the cousins and Grandad and Grandma M.

100_5604 (Custom)I think my brother wishes his minivan was an SUV

100_5571 (Custom)The ever-elusive cousin-monkey

rules (Custom)Of course, I’m a rule-follower, so my monkeys thought
I wasn’t any fun since I wouldn’t let them climb.

100_5544 (Custom)A providing lots of “help” to  Grandad and Grandma M.

100_5552a (Custom)J was official bag filler …

100_5547 (Custom)… and bag carrier.

100_5578 (Custom)While A was official apple eater …

100_5589 (Custom)… well, at least half-apple eater.

100_5563 (Custom) I don’t need no stinkin’ picker.

This is all my brother learned from 4 years of college and 3 years of law school:

100_5548 (Custom)Showing the school spirit

100_5553 (Custom)Can you get me that one, Daddy?

I’ve got to give it to A.  She’s persistent.

100_5586 (Custom)I think these are grown for the Evil Queen

100_5597 (Custom)The whole boy thing comes in handy (so to speak)
when you are a mile from the nearest bathroom.
And no, he wasn’t going on an apple tree.

And nice shadow of the guy who couldn’t
wait to include this shot in a blog post

Hey, I’ve got a great idea!  Let’s give a 7 foot long pole with spiked tines on the end to a 6-year-old and two 4-year-olds.

After we picked more apples than we’ll ever possibly use, we stopped at the bounce house to burn off more energy.

100_5614 (Custom)A loved it.

100_5607 (Custom)J spent most of the time falling and flopping around

See what I mean?

100_5624 (Custom)J loves the shoulders.

But he wanted to head back to the bouncy house.  And he pulled out all his 4-year-old powers of persuasion:

But, alas, it was time to go.  Cousin G road with us back to civilization:

100_5630 (Custom)A is always so serious.

Of course, it’s not a trip out to “the country” without a stop to eat here:

100_5632 (Custom)I smells me some country-fried goodness!

100_5635 (Custom)Only at the Cracker Barrel store.

100_5638 (Custom)Not a piece of green food to be found here.

On the way out of Cracker Barrel, we found this in the parking lot:

100_5636 (Custom)I was really glad I didn’t get the beef stew.

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3 Comments on “Pickin’ and grinnin’”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    I didn’t know your brother was so talented. Glad to see he’s got something to fall back on if the whole attorney thing heads south.

  2. Tiffani Says:

    hey ho, ho hey..your bro could be in the Famboli brothers or something with his mad skillz!

    Looks like fun was had by all…and I could live at the Cracker Barrel. Yummers.

  3. whimzie Says:

    The apple pickin’ is just one of the things I’m missing about New England this fall.

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