Rah-rah, sis-boom-bah.

Another story from the “A wants to control the world” file:

The kids and I were in the basement, playing in the playroom.  And “playroom” is really a euphemistic way of saying the place we keep the auxiliary toys that have been banished from the family room for various reasons.  Mostly because they either:

1) emit sounds at the “jet plane taking off” level, or
2) involve projectiles.

The kids were playing with a plastic bowling set (see #2 above).  Since they are still incapable of playing the same game at the same time without coming to blows, they were taking turns setting up and knocking down the pins.  When it was A’s turn, she meticulously set up the pins, grabbed the bowling ball, and then, for some reason, picked up a random piece of yellow plastic from another game.

She walks over to me and hands me the random piece of yellow plastic.

“Here, Daddy.  This is your flag.  I’m going to play bowling now.  When I win, you need to cheer and wave this flag.”

Confident littler bugger, eh?

She then proceeds to knock down all the pins.  As instructed, I dutifully cheer and wave the random piece of yellow plastic.

“Daddy, wave the flag bigger.”

I believe J actually laughed at me at this point.

Laugh it up, little man. Your time will come.

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4 Comments on “Rah-rah, sis-boom-bah.”

  1. whimzie Says:

    Is that a twin girl thing? Our daughter is in charge of our house, too! PLEASE don’t tell her, but we’re all a little bit afraid of her. She’s cute and princess-like, but you do NOT want to make her angry. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Boy I wouldn’t have missed all this for the last week. What an adventure. I’m sure you were chasing J when he banged his cheek. Ha. Great times. Enjoy being parents….but hang on…the “fun” is just starting. “Pay back time.”

  3. carpoolqueen Says:

    And of course, you did. Because you have been trained well.

  4. Tiffani Says:

    I like the way she thinks!! 🙂

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