Rolling in dough

Sunday night, we were scrounging around the house for an end-of-the-weekend dessert (as opposed to a beginning-of-the-weekend dessert, or even an early-mid-late-odd-numbered-Thursday-afternoon dessert).  The cupboard was (relatively speaking) bare of dessert.  All we could find was some left over Magic Shell ice cream topping.

As an aside, if you are desperate enough for a chocolate fix, you can create a mold out of aluminum foil, fill it with Magic Shell, and stick it in the freezer for a minute to create a passable chocolate bar.  Been there, done that.   But K was not very keen on the idea.

Luckily, K is never one to let a lack of chocolate dessert-making ingredients spoil a perfectly good opportunity for dessert.  I may not have married K for her cooking, but the girl can make a mean cookie.

She started gathering the fixins for some peanut butter cookies (not top of my list since they contain no chocolate, but perfectly acceptable if they are cooked only enough to hold together).  Nana wondered why we were making peanut butter cookies since she had purchased pre-made peanut butter cookie dough over a week ago.

After K and I stopped laughing at the quaint idea that pre-made cookie dough would have lasted over a week in our house (I believe it actually lasted 2 days), we continued to gather peanut butter cookie ingredients.

“But what about the chocolate chip cookie dough?” Nana asked.

You know that look a dog makes when he hears the first nugget of dog food hit his bowl?  That was how K and I looked.

“What chocolate chip cookie dough?” we both said.

Nana replied “I bought both peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie doughs last week.”

If you heard a loud sound at 7PM Sunday night, that was the sonic boom created by K heading to the refrigerator.

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3 Comments on “Rolling in dough”

  1. Tiffani Says:

    Ahhh, you people make so happy…

    you, for supporting your wife/family in their dessert endeavors

    K, for running like mad to the cookie dough

    Nana, for being such an angel as to provide said dough…

    after my own heart, I tell ya!

  2. carpoolqueen Says:

    Wait…does this mean you hadn’t opened the door to your fridge in a week?????

    I want a Nana.

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