At least he’s honest

We had back-to-school night last night.  It was fairly quick and painless, since there was not a lot of in-depth questioning about the typical preschool day.  At this point, as long as they come home alive, that’s a victory in my book.

For me, the highlight of the evening was while we were looking at some of the artwork on the walls.  The pictures in one group of artwork all had large green, yellow and red circles on them.  These represented the three types of apples they tried in class that day.  In addition to the kids’ representation of said apples, the teachers had written the kids’ reaction to eating each of the three types of apples. 


Some of the responses were:

Hunter: I liked the red apple the best

Olivia: The yellow was my favorite

Miles: I liked all three apples

Cameron: The red apple was my favorite

Sam: I liked both the red and green apples

Reece: I like all apples

Parker:  All three are good

A: I thought the red apple was the best

And what was J’s unique response?


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3 Comments on “At least he’s honest”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    He just said what the rest of them were thinking but were too afraid to voice. Way to be a leader, J!

  2. whimzie Says:

    Oh, I needed that laugh just now! Thanks. I think I like this boy “J.”

  3. Tiffani Says:

    Fantabulous, J. That’s what I’m talkin’ about…

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