Who said anything about a relaxing weekend?

Saturday, 17 Oct. 2009

0700  Kids wake.  Parents do not.
0730  Nana bails parents out by keeping children from killing
      themselves while trying to make breakfast
0745  Parents finally drag themselves out of bed.
0800  K starts gathering the 3426 items needed for swim class
0830  K finishes gathering 3425 items (gives up looking for
      item 3426)
0900  K leaves for church to create flowers for Sunday AM
0920  Put kids and bags carrying 3425 items into truck
0925  Nana finds item 3426 in truck
0930  The kids, Nana, and I leave for swim class
1000  Arrive at swim class
1010  Swim class commences
1040  Swim class ends.
1115  Nana and I finally get kids peeled out of wet clothes.
1116  Item 3427 should have been underwear for J.
1116  J has to go commando.
1140  Arrive at home.
1210  K arrives at home.
1215  K and A quickly shove in some lunch
1221  K and A depart for birthday party at Horse Riding Camp.
1221  Yes, with real horses.
1221  Yes, for a 5 year old's birthday.
1222  I make mental pledge to never spend more than $12.47 on
      kids' birthday parties.
1230  Nana blacks out from exhaustion.  We leave her where
      she falls.
1300  Make lunch.  Leave food next to Nana's head.
1400  "Quiet Time" for J.  Oh how I long for the days when that
      meant they would nap.
1405  I sit down for some football watching.
1534  I wake from my "football watching."
1615  K and A arrive home.
1700  We remember that tonight is baby-sitting co-op
1701  Did I mention that the kids need to be fed and dressed
      for bed before we leave in 30 minutes?
1710  Dinner is shoved down kids' mouths
1720  Kids are shoved into PJs
1730  Kids are shoved into truck
1731  Did I mention it's a 30 minute drive?
1759  Make mental note wondering why we are in a babysitting
      co-op with people who live 30 minutes away.
1803  Drop off kids and run.
1805  Make it restaurant, only to find that it is homecoming,
      so we are surrounded by 324 teenagers who are tottering
      around in heels and ill-fitting short dresses.
1810  Get seated at restaurant.  But only in the figurative
      sense.  Seems the restaurant didn't plan on this many
      kids who want to sit crammed at the same tables, so
      they ran out of chairs.  We stand at our table for a
      minute before chairs become available.
1920  Finish dinner
1930  Do the requisite Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target and Best
      Buy circuit.  Get nothing.
2100  Go back to co-op house and spend rest of the evening
      talking to friends.
2330  Realize that we need to get up early and head home.

Sunday, 18 Oct. 2009

0005  Get home and get kids to bed.
0015  Crash into our own beds.
0016  Asleep.
0700  I am up before kids.  I know, hard to believe.
0730  Leave to pick up brother to head to sing at 8:30 service
0730  Yes, I said singing at 8:30.
0802  Arrive to practice for service.
0829  K, Nana, and the kids arrive at 8:30 service.
0855  Sing at service.
0859  K, kids, and I leave service to work w/ preschool choir
0900  Preschool choir/cat wrangling
0940  Lead preschoolers to regular Sunday School class
0941  Go back and get preschooler left in preschool choir room
0945  Try to purchase nectar of the gods (Cherry Coke Zero),
      only to find the machine sold out.  Of everything.
0947  Finally make it to my 9:30 Sunday School class
1045  Leave class early to go to sing with 11:15 service choir
1046  Run into potential architect for church expansion.  Spend
      the next hour talking to him.  Miss singing in choir.
1115  K and Nana pick up kids and head home.
1146  I head home.
1230  K and A head to A's ballet/tap class.
1300  Sit down with J to watch Redskins attempt to play football
1307  Decide watching "The Penguins of Madagascar" would be
      more entertaining for both of us.
1445  K and A arrive home
1446  The kids, K and I leave for another birthday party, this
      time at one of those inflatable bouncy-house-filled places
      Nana pretends to have malaria in order to get out of going.
1446  OK, she wasn't really sick.  It just sounded funny.
1531  Arrive at bouncy-house filled location.
1531  Yes, it was 45 minutes away.
1531  And the birthday boy's house is 5 minutes from our house.
1531  I guess all the local bouncy-house-filled places were full.
1620  Here's a grand idea.  Let's get kids all wound up with
      bouncing, then feed them cake.
1730  Drag kids out of bouncy-house-filled location.
1731  Kids have sugar crash, go comatose in car.
1810  Arrive home.
1811  Kids get second wind and wake up looking for cake.
1825  Try to feed kids some nutritionally balanced food for
      the first time in 48 hours.
1826  Kids want nothing to do with nutritionally balanced food.
1902  Try to wash dried cake and kid snot off of kids in bath.
1935  Kids protest going to bed.
1936  Kids crash.
1937  K and I want to crash, but have to clean up enough to be
      able to see the floor.
1937  Did I mention K's idea of cleaning is putting away all
      the toys, putting away all the dishes, scrubbing the 
      countertops and kitchen table, vacuuming, and drymopping?
1937  My idea of cleaning is shoving everything to one side.
2005  K and I finish cleaning and collapse in front of TV
2006  K falls asleep.
2130  I wake K up so we can go to bed (ironic, eh?)
2145  K and I head to bed.
2146  K and I fall asleep, dreaming of how relaxing work will
      feel after this weekend.
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4 Comments on “Who said anything about a relaxing weekend?”

  1. momologuer Says:

    My cup of tea at my desk this morning has never tasted so relaxing.

  2. IamNana Says:

    I’m going to file away that ‘faking malaria’ ploy for possible future use.

  3. carpoolqueen Says:

    Craig always says “Yay! Monday!”.

  4. Tiffani Says:

    Are you kidding me?! Is that THE Nana up there?! How fun is she?!

    This crazy schedule had ME wanting for Monday!! Whew!

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