Ladies first

J and A love to race.  Or, I guess I should say, both J and A love to win a race.  For some reason, both love to be able to scream “I win!” at the top of their lungs, and both get that pouty-lips-arms-crossed-look if they don’t win.  It’s a tough line to walk with them, since I don’t want everything to be a competition.  But, contrary to some current trends of not keeping score at little league games, or giving the same trophies to everybody at the end of the season, I want them to know that they will win and lose at different points of their lives.

So the other day, they were sliding down the stairs on their backsides (and by “sliding” I mean sitting on one step and slowly pulling forward until they dropped to the next step.  I don’t want you to think they were on sleds or anything.  That will come soon enough).  J got a head start on A, so he was in front.  Before he even got to the bottom of the stairs, he started up with that sing-songy “I’m going to win-in. I’m going to win-in” we all know and love.

But instead of pouting, A simply said:

“J, don’t you know the rule is ‘Ladies First’?  You should let me win.”

She’s 4 and she’s already plying her womanly ways.

Of course, it didn’t work, since J flew down the rest of the stairs.  However, it obviously caught hold in J’s brain.  The next day, the same scenario was being played out.  J was in front heading down the stairs.  But when he reached the landing at the half-way point, he stopped, turned around and said …

“Ladies first.”

He then let A pass right on by and make it down the stairs first.  Could this be the beginning of a change of attitude, not having to win at every possible turn?

Before I could complete this thought in my head, J grabbed A’s shoulder, pulled her back, and ran past her into the family room, screaming “I win-in, I win-in!” the whole way.

And who said chivalry was dead.

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One Comment on “Ladies first”

  1. Tiffani Says:

    Oh yeah. Womanly ways. Innate.

    Nice try, J. 😉

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