Be careful what you wish for, big guy.

Since next week is “try to wring more money out of guilty parents day”, AKA ” picture day” at the kids’ preschool, we figured it was a good time for haircuts.  Since I subscribe to the “longer hair is better” philosophy, A has really never had more than a trim.

a_hair (Custom)But she’s still not thrilled to get that.

As an aside, and if you’ve seen pics of K over the years, you know my ability to convince her to have long hair has waxed and waned over the years. To wit:

k_black_dressWhen we first met

kshortHer “short” phase

IMGP5730 (Custom)The current “medium” length

J, however, cannot avoid the shears.

For a while, I was cutting his hair, using the buzz-cut technique.  If nothing else, this saved a couple of dollars and kept us from subjecting the Cartoon Cuts folks to his unique brand of terror-crying.

IMGP4431 (Custom)However, this led to the “escaped prisoner” look

But since we now know he’ll be a little more relaxed while getting his hair cut, we now make the pilgrimage to Cartoon Cuts every couple of months.  I’m still not sure he’s very happy about it, since he immediately starts saying “I don’t want to get a haircut” whenever we approach the mall entrance near Cartoon Cuts, even when we’re just heading in to go someplace else.

j_hair (Custom)He’s much more used to the process

Of course, part of me wants to say “Listen.  In about 30 years, you really won’t be complaining about getting a haircut.  You’ll be complaining that you’ll have to pay somebody $15 to cut the three hairs left on top of your head.”

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4 Comments on “Be careful what you wish for, big guy.”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    I love K’s short look (I know, blasphemy). Mine keeps getting shorter and C keeps complaining. My question for you is, when are you going to take the buzzer and whack it all off? It looks great on your dad…..

  2. Tiffani Says:

    Um, have you seen my son’s hair?! It’s time, I’ve tried to be groovy Mom and let it go, but it’s time for a cut…does Cartoon Cuts have restraints?! Because that’s what it may take for him to make it through a cut!

    Kudos for haircuts!

  3. Gretchen Says:

    My son hates haircutting so much that we just about shave him, and then let him grow out. We try to schedule school pictures and holidays with the g’parents to within the first 4 weeks after shearing. He goes in about quarterly.

  4. Gretchen Says:

    And when our cute-as-a-button-4’9″ Vietnamese hair dresser asks (for the 900th time), “Hey, David–you want gel?” He politely (hand pushing away from his body) declines.

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