What having a blog has done to me

From xkcd.com

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4 Comments on “What having a blog has done to me”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Give in to the dark side, Luke.

  2. quotation marks Says:

    Well, time to play “catch up.” (in quotes). From 10/9/09-Present. WOW. Busy, busy. What a weekend. Nice haircuts, nice shoes, nice rocking chair, nice nice hair, nice legs. That’s as far as I’ll go. I’m sure the Anvil “shooter” brought back some memories. I can still see the rocket(with a broken stablizer) heading for the big plate glass window), Whew, thankfully it ran out of steam. It’ll be pay-back time before you know it. Probably has already started.

  3. Tiffani Says:

    I just made my dog jump I laughed so loudly at this!! Seriously, it’s an epidemic…nothing is off limits for fodder, pictures and such…

    But I likey.

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