It’s the thought that counts

I was headed out the door the other night.  Right before I left, I hear A say “Daddy wait, wait!” as she came running down the hall.

“Daddy, I have to give you a hug and kiss before you go!”

Who could resist.  With visions of Norman Rockwell in my mind, I bent down.  She gave me a gentle hug around my neck and planted a butterfly-light kiss on my cheek.

Of course, if it had stopped right there, it probably wouldn’t be making it into a blog post.  At least on this blog.

I then noticed that she was nuzzling up against my arm.  Thinking she was pretending to be a cat, I asked “Oh, look a little kitty.”  To which she replied …

“No dad.  It’s just my nose was a little runny and I needed someplace to wipe it.”

And with that, she twirled and skipped back down the hall.

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2 Comments on “It’s the thought that counts”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:



  2. Tiffani Says:

    oh yes. hat #267 we wear as parents…Human Kleenex…

    but you’re right, who can resist?! 😉

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