Halloween, part 2

OK, since we hosted a (most excellent, I must say) party the night before Halloween, what did we do for an encore on Halloween night?  Well, since our neighborhood is very spread out, there are no streetlights, no sidewalks, and our house is set back 600 feet from the road, we’ve never had a single trick-or-treater since we’ve lived here.  Obviously this does not work well for candy-gathering (which would not be acceptable to A).  So since the kids were born, we’ve been going to friends’ houses to trick-or-treat in their neighborhoods.

For the third year in a row, we’ve gone to our friends D and S’s house.  You may recall that their oldest son, T, is a month younger than J and A, so they are pretty good friends.

100_5758 (Custom)Tinker Bell needed a little combing before heading out

100_5784 (Custom)We didn’t have the heart to tell J that his manly cowboy boots had
pink stripes since they were hand-me-downs from his female cousins

100_5760 (Custom)Ready to go

100_5763 (Custom)100_5764 (Custom)OK, maybe not ready.  A little power nap was in order

100_5766 (Custom)Batman and the Boy Wonder were waiting for us

100_5767 (Custom)I don’t think A was thrilled about having to eat dinner first

100_5768 (Custom)K and S wore the same shirt, completely by accident

100_5777 (Custom)Finally it was time to head out

100_5772 (Custom)They were more fascinated than scared by most things

J learned how difficult it is to walk in girl shoes

100_5775 (Custom)Why can’t Istart eating now?

100_5776 (Custom)J’s happy that some houses gave out pretzels

We finally made it back to D and S’s house.  Nana was happy to see us since she had run out of candy.

100_5781 (Custom)As J said in that last video above, he was ready to eat his pretzels.
J’s lack of interest in candy is a great boon to his parents.

100_5783 (Custom)But neither A nor T had such issues

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One Comment on “Halloween, part 2”

  1. quotation marks Says:

    Part 2 a great sequel to Part 1. Blame Joe’s tripping on his cousins. Interesting; napping before the event. Probably on the other end of the evening too, on the way home. Not one trick-or-treater at your house ever…..no kidding. Thanks for the several thousands of “words.”

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