Intelligence test for marrying my daughter

When the time comes, we’re getting A one of these:


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6 Comments on “Intelligence test for marrying my daughter”

  1. Gretchen Says:

    Nice. BTW, your comment on Kellie’s post got me running over here. I have a son who would’ve said that. Or, “I like bananas”. Anything random, just to embarrass his sister. And, if you visted me this week, you’d know I liked turtles, too. Or not.

  2. carpoolqueen Says:

    Or just sit down across the couch from him and ask him his life goals and if he can support your daughter in that line of work.

    When he and your daughter are both 17.

    Boys run EVERY time.

  3. Tiffani Says:


    I’ll need one of those too for Julia!!! I’ll preorder now if have to!!

  4. quotation marks Says:

    Watch out! I once saw a guy who could unscramble the RUBIC’s cube while blindfolded….and in a relatively short time.

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