Net-less once again

So, Nana has been out of town for the past four days and the house is still standing. K has been home with the kids since Thursday afternoon and both kids are still alive.  🙂

OK,  she’s actually having a ball. She’s already taken them to a sports bounce place, an outdoor fall festival, and they’re headed to the zoo this afternoon.   She even spent Saturday morning raking leaves while they “helped.”

100_5798 (Custom)Yes, they are lots of help.

100_5792 (Custom)At least they’re cute while helping.

100_5796 (Custom)OK, now they’re just showing off.

100_5800 (Custom)Time for a snack.

100_5808 (Custom)J’s already working on his man-smile

100_5813 (Custom)And A’s hair just about matches the leaves.

100_5814 (Custom)This one is pretty cute too.

100_5817 (Custom)It’s really a shame they don’t like each other.

On a final note, if you like Starbucks’ chai tea, you may have problems getting it this week.  I think K has had a serious impact on the global supply of chai tea while the kids are at school.

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3 Comments on “Net-less once again”

  1. carpoolqueen Says:

    Squeal!!!! This is the week!!!’all.

    Oh, and in case the kids didn’t get enough leaves on your property, we saved them some down here.

  2. Tiffani Says:

    Aw, how fun! You’re going to visit the CPQ fam!?

    I absolutely love the pics in the leaves…they are too cute! I adore A’s hair color and yes, the leaves were a beautiful background for her! 😉

  3. quotation marks Says:

    You and S used to similarly “help” with the leaves. It’s now pay-back time, big time.

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